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Does the Future of the Washington Post = the Future of Newspapers?

One of the biggest news stories we’re paying attention to, not only this week but for the foreseeable future, is the sale of the iconic Washington Post to Jeff Bezos of Amazon. It is certainly a bellwether (hopefully, not a death knell) for the future of the newspaper biz.While there’s been plenty of “ink” already on the acquisition, I thought San Francisco Chronicle’s business columnist Andrew S. Ross raised a very interesting possibility:

“Could other tycoons of the Internet age, following Bezos’ example, be contemplating devoting some of their enormous resources to a struggling industry that provides so much of their money-making content? Especially when newspapers are going for a relative song (the Boston Globe just sold for $75 million).”

“Marissa Mayer, whose Yahoo news site is far and away the most popular on the Web, has been on a buying binge of late and just announced that she’s moving part of her company into a building occupied by a certain San Francisco daily newspaper.”

“I’m just saying …”

While we’ve converted to some digital pubs (more out of convenience than desire), we relish our many print subscriptions (the San Francisco Chronicle and New York Times, among others) and the ink-stained fingers that accompany them.

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