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Trilogy Search Provides Insight + Intelligence to Nonprofits

On behalf of our client, executive recruitment firm Trilogy Search, we developed a series of articles on how nonprofit organizations can identify, hire and retain great talent. 

Here are excerpts from two of the pieces published in Nonprofit Information, an independent resource for nonprofits and philanthropists.

The Five Talent Acquisition Mistakes Your Nonprofit Can’t Afford to Make

Mistake #3: Limiting your search to a too-narrow talent pool. If you’re only looking in the nonprofit sector for potential talent, you’re probably missing out on some highly qualified candidates. Many successful private-sector professionals, for example, are at a point in their careers where they want to do something more meaningful than just making money, and they can bring valuable skills and experience to your organization. Understanding who can effectively make the transition to nonprofit work — and who can’t — is critical. The full article can be found here.

When the “Right” Candidate Is All Wrong: How to Make Sure a New Hire Aligns with Your Nonprofit’s Values and Organizational Culture

There are plenty of reasons why the “perfect” candidate doesn’t work out. But experience shows, it’s usually because one absolutely critical factor was overlooked in the hiring process: how well the candidate’s values align with those of the hiring organization. And this is especially true of the nonprofit sector, where, let’s face it, values are everything. Learn more here.