Our skills encompass all facets of the branding and marketing communications disciplines, with specific and in-depth expertise in public relations. We have extensive experience in forging strong reporter relationships and garnering significant coverage across print, online, and broadcast media.


We are a strategy, content, and PR team, formed to create communications that evoke thought, trust, curiosity, and respect.

Our role is to shape how individuals will experience your brand and messaging. In doing so, we adhere to three guiding principles: stand apart from competitors, attract new business, and foster customer loyalty.

Our philosophy is part anthropological, part sociological. We enter your world and study the issues from internal and external perspectives. Then, we take a thoughtful approach to each aspect so that the end deliverable leaves people with a strong sense of who you are and what you represent. Ultimately, our goal is to make your connection with your audiences reverberate—online and in person.


Each principal has more than 20 years of experience providing marketing communications services to emerging and established businesses locally, regionally, and nationally.

+ What you see is what you get. When signing on with Wire-to-Wire, you will work directly with us—not junior account executives with minimal know-how.
+ Strategic and tactical. We combine high-level strategy with ground-level tactics; we are not prima donnas.
Range and depth of expertise. Our skills encompass all facets of the branding and marketing communications disciplines—including strategic planning, content development, project management for print and digital communications, and media and community outreach.
+ Client-centric and results focused. We listen to our clients’ objectives, pay attention to their ambitions, and develop creative, customized communications that realize results.
+ Best-of-class teams. By maintaining a wide-reaching alliance of specialists (photographers, copywriters, designers, and other communications professionals), in addition to our core team, Wire-to-Wire assembles “best-of-class” players tailored to clients’ specific needs.

Client Benefits
+ Branding that reaches and resonates
+ Client and community relationships that deepen and last
+ Positioning that helps you gain market share